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The Forbidden Door

Following the success of previous shows A Love Like Salt and The Singing Bones, The Devil’s Violin are delighted to present The Forbidden Door – an evocative and enchanting evening of rich and dynamic storytelling accompanied by visceral, melodic live music.

The Devil’s Violin has been breathing new life into the ancient art of storytelling since 2006, and consists of acclaimed storyteller and spoken word performer Daniel Morden and virtuoso musicians Sarah Moody, Oliver-Wilson Dickson and Dylan Fowler. This talented ensemble weaves together a hypnotic, mesmerising, aural tapestry of sound, poetry and folk/roots music that appeals to all ages and cultures.

Don’t open that door!

As soon as the rule is laid down, we know it will be broken. Once the door is opened, then what – adventures!

Expect love, loss, drama, danger, horror, humour, twists and trials.

The Forbidden door will open in The Tobacco Factory in Bristol on the 3rd February and be followed by a UK tour.

A scintillating combination of music, sound and story The Times

This is masterful, theatrical storytelling delivered with great feeling for the dramatic pause, the dark imagery evoking all shades of emotion from horror to joy, while the songs and stories continue to resonate deeply in the bones of the listener long afterwards.

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